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MPHA Project Brief

ARRA-funded LED retrofit reduces energy, improves lighting performance

Residents feel safer after dark since the BetaLED luminaires were installed

Funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was used to replace high pressure sodium and metal halide light fixtures with energy efficient LED luminaires at the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority. MPHA allocated $3.2 million of the $18.2 million in ARRA funds received to the Cedars Improvement Project that included a BetaLED retrofit completed this fall.
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BetaLED Tech Break

LED FAQ of the Month

Q: Why do LEDs function more efficiently in housings designed around maximizing LED chip performance?

An LED module may physically fit into an existing housing, but that housing doesn't leverage the inherent qualities of the LEDs. Standard housings can't handle the challenges of LED thermal management, which is vastly different than thermal management for traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Also, the optical design used in most traditional fixtures doesn't maximize the LED's efficiency.

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Fair Comparison Tips

Not all LED luminaires are created equal. Here's how you can be sure you'll select a
high performing product.

Tip #3: Validate lumen depreciation

Obtain lumen depreciation (life) data for the LED luminaire supported by the LED chip manufacturer's IESNA LM-80 test data that is directly correlated to luminaire level performance. Downloand Recommended BetaLED Lumen Depreciation Factors-TD13


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Product Feature

BetaLED Architectural Interior Luminaires Offer Unique Benefits

Essentia™ downlights offer largest LED selection and highest lumen package

With the development of Essentia interior LED downlights, BetaLED attains energy-efficiency in a low-wattage interior luminaire that has a longer life span than traditional technology. The new Essentia product series combines a breakthrough in lighting performance and control with a replaceable light source that accommodates evolving LED technology and promotes sustainability.

Essentia interior LED downlights offer a variety of warm interior correlated color temperatures (CCT), a wide range of LED counts, an unbeatable lumen package and wide, medium and narrow optics including adjustable and wall-wash. The versatile product selection allows Essentia lighting to be tailored for each unique application.



Industry News

Lighting Retrofits and Stimulus Funding

Federal Government Funding is Still Available

About $6.3 billion from the stimulus bill, also known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, is being distributed by the department's office of energy efficiency for state and local energy programs. This is done through state governments and other organizations applying for an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG). The funds can be used to pay down all or a portion of a qualifying energy-efficient lighting retrofit project.

How it works

Twenty-eight different agencies – such as the Departments of Education; Health and Human Services; and Energy – have been allocated a portion of the $787 billion in Recovery funds. Each agency develops specific plans for how it will spend its Recovery Act funds.

The agencies then award grants and contracts to state governments or, in some cases, directly to schools, hospitals, contractors, or other organizations.

Who is Eligible?

ARRA funds are mostly divided between grants and contracts. Typically state and local governments, non-profits, and higher education institutions will be eligible to apply for grants, and private companies and contractors will be eligible to apply for contracts which involve selling goods and services. Given the large number of ARRA programs, there will be exceptions to these generalities. Individuals will occasionally be eligible to apply for both grants and contracts. There will also be a few loan programs that are supported by ARRA funds. It is important to read the detailed information on who is eligible to apply for each specific program.

How do I Prepare to Apply for ARRA Funds?

Many grantees and first-tier sub-grantees seeking federal grants will need to obtain both a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number and register with Central Contracting Registration (CCR). The same will apply for most bidders for contracts.

Because it can take some time to receive a DUNS number and to register in the CCR, if you are considering applying for recovery act funding and do not already have a DUNS number and are not registered in the CCR, you should begin both of these processes immediately.

What are the Get Started steps to apply for grants?

Step 1 - Find Grant Opportunity for which you would like to apply
Step 2 - Download Application Package
Step 3 - Complete the Registration Process
All information may be obtained at

DOE Announces Initiative to Improve Energy Use in Private Sector

Twenty-four projects receive total of $21 million in ARRA funding

The U.S. Energy Department will publicly demonstrate energy savings in commercial building operations in an effort to incite broad adoption of energy-efficient building practices across the industry.
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