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  • Excluding labor, energy is typically the highest cost that hoteliers face.

  • The hospitality industry spends close to $4 billion on energy every year.

  • A 10 percent reduction in energy costs is equivalent to increasing the average daily rate by $0.62 for limited-service hotels and by $1.35 for full-service hotels.

Energy Star Hospitality Fact Sheet
Environmental Protection Agency, Washington DC

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LED FAQ of the Month

Q: Do I have to replace LED diodes?

An LED does not burn out like a standard lamp, so individual diodes do not need to be replaced. Instead, the diodes gradually produce lower output levels over a very long period of time. If one LED fails, it does not produce a complete fixture outage.

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Fair Comparison Tips

Not all LED luminaires are created equal. Here's how you can be sure you'll select a
high-performing product.

Tip #4: Apply the Appropriate Light Loss Factors

An accurate application comparison must account for the light levels at the end of the application life. Using the manufacturer's LED luminaire lumen depreciation data, apply the correct light loss factor to the application.

For example, a typical outdoor dusk-to-dawn application may be evaluated at a 50,000 hour (~11 – 12 year) application life. Based on this example, you would conduct an evaluation based on each manufacturer's 50,000 hour lumen depreciation values.


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Dallas Hotel Sees Improved Light Quality with Fewer Fixtures

BetaLED parking structure retrofit is a victory in hospitality industry

Bart Cornelius, director of engineering for the W Dallas Victory Hotel and Residences, is amazed at the excellent light quality and energy savings the BetaLED parking structure installation provided over the previous metal halide solution. Read more

Product Feature

304 Series™ Luminaires Save Energy in Parking Structure Applications

LED performance with dimming and occupancy sensor options

BetaLED 304 SeriesOutstanding light quality, longevity, and virtually no maintenance are some of the well-known benefits LED luminaires provide. BetaLED 304 Series luminaires provide exceptional performance in confined applications and feature the latest in advanced LED chip technology.

A recent trend in saving energy with use of LED luminaires focuses on use of adaptive controls to further extend the efficiency of this sustainable light source. Dimming functionality can be a feature of the luminaire design or added remotely through use of an external system that monitors a number of luminaires.

Dimming can be managed according to occupancy, through daylight harvesting or a timer. BetaLED 304 Series parking structure luminaires offer an optional integrated occupancy sensor which can further reduce energy use through motion detection. The luminaires have the capability to be dimmed to one-third total power while maintaining 50-percent lumen output. Compared to traditional HID lamps like metal halide, the system can reduce a facility's annual energy and maintenance budget up to 80 percent.


Industry News

Room for Improvement

How LED luminaires help hotels meet operational challenges

When determining lighting and illumination needs for hotel facilities, specifiers and architects must understand the challenges and issues hoteliers face to control energy costs, ensure guests' safety and maintain the architectural integrity of the property.

Hotels' Energy Costs

Excluding labor, energy is typically the highest cost that hoteliers face. According to Flex Your Power, a California marketing program, and the federal government's Energy Star initiative, the hospitality industry spends approximately $4 billion a year on energy. Furthermore, electricity use accounts for 60 to 70 percent of the utility costs of a typical hotel. Hotel energy audits reveal most properties can save tens of thousands of dollars annually by reducing overall energy consumption a minimum of 20 to 30 percent.

Improving Security through Illumination

In addition to reducing energy costs, hoteliers must consider guests' safety. In a recent survey, "American Parking Decisions," conducted by Federal APD, a manufacturer of parking control products, parking security is consistently an important factor for Americans. Security professionals have long known that locations where people and their valuables are together––such as in parking lots––are criminals' favorite targets. A key element of security in most surface lots is visibility––and a significant part of this is lighting. According to Ralph Witherspoon, CPP, CSC, Witherspoon Security Consulting, the exterior lighting should enable motorists and pedestrians to see individuals at night at a distance of 75 ft. or more and to identify a human face at about 30 ft. Employees or guests entering or leaving the property at night need to have efficient parking lot illumination so they can safely go to and from their vehicle. Proper lighting creates better security as well as the perception of security.

Architectural Integrity

The architectural integrity of new construction or renovating an existing building does not need to be compromised for the sake of sustainability and energy efficiency. Today, lighting designers, architects and engineers have lighting technology choices for both interior and exterior illumination. New LED technology allows designers to provide quality lighting within the requirements of the latest energy codes. By installing LED luminaires, hotels will retain the aesthetic and performance integrity of the property, while realizing savings on energy and maintenance.

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