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Retail Shopping Plaza Parking Lot Retrofit with BetaLED

Tremendous energy and maintenance savings anticipated

In its commitment to energy savings, sustainability and lowering energy costs, T.J.Maxx shopping plaza owner David J. Wahr has retrofit the retail mall parking lot with BetaLED luminaires.  “We are projecting a savings of about 44,000 kWh a year,” said Wahr. “At the current cost of about $0.14 per kWh, this represents a savings of over $15,000 annually. We will virtually eliminate $10,000 in annual maintenance costs and we expect to recover our investment in equipment costs in three years.” Read more

Industry Fast Facts


Here’s a few fast facts about lighting in the parking industry:

  • The brighter, white light from LED luminaires in parking facilities help contribute to fewer accidents, reduced vandalism, lower liability exposure and reduced insurance premiums.1

  • By installing LED light sources in new or remodeled parking structures, up to a 40% energy savings can be achieved compared to typical HID technology. Installing LED luminaires with integrated two-level operation can achieve up to 30% additional energy savings compared to typical HID.2

  • Parking structures in general have an operating life of 20-40 years, after which they require major reconstruction or replacement – meaning properly designed LED luminaires could last the lifetime of the parking structure itself.

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BetaLED Tech Break

LED FAQ of the Month

Q: What are the advantages to using LED lights?

LEDs bring several advantages to the lighting industry, including high efficiency and durability, and, with superior life over other lamp sources, their required maintenance is greatly reduced. This translates into energy savings, maintenance savings and an overall reduction in cost of ownership over the product's lifetime.

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Fair Comparison Tips

Not all LED luminaires are created equal. Here’s how you can be sure you’ll select a high performing product.

Tip #1: Compare performance
at the application level

Conduct "in field" application level performance evaluations using IESNA recommended practices and standards. Utilize the best available design software and application engineering practices to predict application level performance. Evaluate relevant and credible case studies such as the Department of Energy's CALiPER and GATEWAY programs.


Product Feature

304 Series

Top Money-Saving Product

BetaLED’s 304 Series canopy luminaires are in an elite group of money-saving products, selected under criteria that they save money in utility bills and product longevity. As one of this year’s Top 81 Money-Saving Products, the 304 Series is featured in the June issue of Buildings magazine. Hundreds of products were reviewed by editorial staff and facilities professionals.

First to Achieve 100+ LPW

The 304 Series luminaires by BetaLED are the first to achieve performance of over 100 lumens per watt delivered. They have the potential to make a significant impact on our environment by saving as much as 70 percent in energy use.


Industry News

DOE Publishes GATEWAY Report on BetaLED Installation
Study supports successful retail shopping plaza parking lot lighting

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has published a report about BetaLED parking lot lighting at a T.J.Maxx shopping plaza in Manchester, New Hampshire. This GATEWAY demonstration report provides an overview of project results including lighting performance and projected energy savings from the new installation.

The report is one of many DOE GATEWAY demonstrations that showcase high-performance LED products for general illumination and is available for download. Learn more about the DOE GATEWAY demonstration program.

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