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CSU at Fullerton Selects BetaLED After Extensive Testing

Lighting design brings astounding energy savings and utility rebate

CSUF’s manager of commissioning and energy, Doug Kind, expects more than an 80 percent energy savings from the BetaLED luminaires over traditional fluorescent parking structure lighting and achieves California’s Title 24 code using only 20 percent of energy permitted for the site. Read more

University of Colorado at Boulder Upgrades to BetaLED
Area lighting makes a huge improvement throughout campus

University of ColoradoU of C at Boulder is in the process of a long-term relighting project, improving safety and reducing energy use for the 132-year-old campus. Even with a partial installation, success is being realized with a 62 percent annual energy reduction.
Read more

Industry Fast Facts

Schools & Universities

In a typical U.S. college or university classroom building, lighting represents 31% of total energy use, according to National Grid’s Managing Energy Costs in Colleges and Universities.

Other energy facts about schools and universities from the U.S. Department of Energy:

  • School districts can save 30 to 40% on annual energy costs in new schools and 20 to 30% in renovated schools by integrating energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.

  • Energy improvements have the potential to save our nation’s public schools $1.5 billion each year and create better learning environments.

  • Colleges and universities spend almost $6 billion annually on energy.

  • Primary and secondary schools are spending a staggering $8 billion annually on energy.
BetaLED Tech Break

LED FAQ of the Month

Q: How are LEDs able to outperform HID?

Super-bright white LEDs have the advantage of minimal lumen depreciation, better optical efficiency and high lumens per watt. LEDs also have a vastly longer life span than traditional lamp sources. The luminaire must be designed to leverage these inherent advantages of LEDs. A Total Systems Approach is needed for an LED product to bring all these features together.

BetaLED luminaires also have an environmental advantage in that they contain no mercury, are RoHS compliant, last longer and produce less waste, and they are made from fully recyclable materials. Furthermore, the extruded aluminum heat sink is manufactured using 77% post-industrial recycled material.

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Fair Comparison Tips

Not all LED luminaires are created equal. Here’s how you can be sure you’ll select a high performing product.

Tip #2: Request Certified Photometric Data

Make sure the LED luminaire manufacturer provides a certified photometric report (per IESNA LM-79) from an independent lab that is an approved DOE lab to validate the manufacturer's photometric performance claims.


Product Feature

Versatile LED Campus Area Lighting

BetaLED’s THE EDGE® luminaires are more than just energy-efficient

Properly designed LED luminaires provide excellent uniformity to evenly illuminate walkways, roadways and parking applications. Schools and universities around the world are installing BetaLED’s area luminaires as an energy-saving investment to provide safe, long-lasting campus lighting for pedestrians and motorists. BetaLED offers THE EDGE area luminaires in round and square architectural styles.


Industry News

October is National Energy Awareness Month

October has been Energy Awareness Month since a presidential proclamation in 1991. For more than 15 years, government organizations — in partnership with businesses, associations, and concerned citizens — have observed this month with activities and programs to promote public understanding of our energy needs and reduce our energy consumption.

Numerous resources are available from the U.S. Department of Energy to help your organization get started on the path toward energy savings. Utilize Energy Star tools such as the Test Your Energy IQ online test.   Or if you want to raise awareness at your schools, KEEP (K-12 Energy Education Program) is an excellent resource for teachers. The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) provides materials and ideas to help promote energy saving practices at the: office, home and facility.

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