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Chestnut Hill Star Market – Newton, MA


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Chestnut Hill Star Market – Newton, MA


Parking Lot Lighting


44 BetaLED area luminaires with Type V optics and 240 LEDs


  • Reduces energy consumption by 50 to 65 percent when combined with other energy saving elements.
  • Low energy use and reduced luminaire maintenance provides a cost-effective, long-life lighting solution.
  • Meets local lighting mandates for cutoff while providing improved lighting performance that enhances visibility and security.

Grocery Store Lighting: Healthy for Environment and Bottom Line

Chestnut Hill Star Market, part of Minneapolis-based Supervalu, Inc., has served the town of Newton, Mass. for more than 50 years. In 2009 the company razed the property to make way for a larger, sustainable building with cutting-edge, environmentally responsible technology.  

The store is the first supermarket in the nation to use all LED lights for its interior and exterior lighting, reducing energy consumption by 50 to 65 percent.  While the parking lot was originally specified with high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures, BetaLED luminaires were selected for their advanced technology. BetaLED’s THE EDGE area luminaires are expected to be maintenance free for at least ten years.  In contrast, the store’s previously installed HID luminaires required re-lamping every eight to 18 months.

The LED lighting design required less electrical infrastructure (i.e. conduit, wire, circuit breakers, transformers, etc.) resulting in lower construction costs compared to the HID solution. Additionally, BetaLED’s multiple optical distributions (over 20 are offered) allowed for better “on target” lighting performance, resulting in a reduction in the number of luminaires and poles needed, further lowering construction costs.

Residents in the neighboring community had concerns about the store’s exterior lighting meeting light trespass requirements. The BetaLED installation meets local lighting mandates for cutoff while providing improved lighting performance that enhances visibility and security.

“This is a win for everyone involved,” said Ken Mahtesian, senior project manager for Supervalu/Shaws Division. “The landlord is thrilled with the parking lot’s appearance, and since there is a common area maintenance fee, the other tenants and Star Market couldn’t be happier with the reduction in energy and maintenance costs.”

The Chestnut Hill store is a test location for Supervalu to study energy-efficient technologies that can be used at other locations across the country.  Supervalu is committed to reducing energy use in all of their stores. This could mean huge savings for the company, which estimates its annual electric bill for the more than 200 Shaw’s and Star Market stores at nearly $35 million.

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