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Parma Park, Italy


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Parma Park, Italy


Area Lighting


  • Twenty-five 20-Watt THE EDGE area luminaires mounted on 9-foot poles with 16-foot spacings.
  • Twenty-eight 40-Watt THE EDGE area luminaires mounted on 16-foot poles with 82-foot spacings.
  • Three 40-Watt THE EDGE area luminaires mounted on 19-foot poles.


  • 55 percent in energy savings from using THE EDGE compared to 36-Watt High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps.
  • The improved color rendition and uniformity delivered by THE EDGE luminaires provide a safer environment for park visitors. The 20-Watt THE EDGE fixtures deliver an average of nine lux while the 40-Watt fixtures an average of 10 lux.
  • THE EDGE fixtures also provide pleasing aesthetics that blend well with the park’s design and landscape.

Safety, Beauty and Reduced Energy

The city of Parma in Northern Italy recently installed THE EDGE area luminaires within the nine-acre Parma Park. The park features a children’s play area, bike track, dog zone, and walking trail. The main goals of the project included not only providing a secure environment for visitors but also taking an environmental stance to reduce energy consumed by lighting fixtures throughout the park.

Although original lighting plan called for HID fixtures, after learning how THE EDGE provides superior uniformity, excellent color and brightness, plus 55 percent in energy savings, the city chose BetaLED luminaires. THE EDGE fixtures blend seamlessly into the ambiance of the park and help to highlight the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

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