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Rebel Oil – Las Vegas, NV


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Rebel Oil – Las Vegas, Nevada


BetaLED canopy luminaires for gas station and convenience store


  • Sixteen 106-watt 60-LED recessed canopy luminaires replaced 320-watt metal halide fixtures.


  • 71-percent energy savings achieved in a one-for-one retrofit of 16 recessed canopy luminaires.

Retrofit achieves 71-percent energy savings

In one-for-one replacement of sixteen 320-watt metal halide fixtures with 106-watt BetaLED recessed canopy luminaires (operating at 525mA), Rebel Oil’s Tropicana Avenue location achieved a 71-percent energy savings. The retrofit from surface-mount canopy luminaires to 60-LED recessed canopy luminaires using a retrofit plate has done more than just reduce energy – it’s saving money.

Additional benefits beyond the visible improvement of light output include cost-savings associated with nearly no maintenance from long-life LED performance and eco-friendly elimination of hazardous mercury disposal found in traditional light sources like metal halide fixtures.

BetaLED recessed canopy luminaires provide a flush appearance and are easy to mount from below or above the canopy deck. Upgrading petroleum canopy lighting to state-of-the-art BetaLED luminaires is simple using one of three retrofit kit options.

Las Vegas-based Rebel Oil Company is a privately held petroleum retailer with store locations throughout the state of Nevada.

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