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Our Total Systems Approach...Your Total Solution


The BetaLED total systems approach is a proprietary engineering method that integrates best-in-class LEDs, driver technology, NanoOptics® and style into each product. All BetaLED luminaires are manufactured with the latest generation of LED components on the market today. Ours is the most sophisticated system that no other manufacturer can match. The result is trouble-free luminaires that reduce energy consumption, maximize target lighting performance and extend product life. 

No retrofitting. No repurposing.  No compromise.


The Right LED


To meet today's general lighting standards, Beta Lighting works with premier, top-tier LED suppliers from around the world. Our primary LED partner, Cree of Raleigh, North Carolina, controls all aspects of its LED manufacturing.

From wafer fabrication to the final LED package Cree ensures the finest possible core light unit. The result is high-performance, super-bright white LEDs. The current class-leading performance:

  • More than 80 lumens per watt
  • 6000 K color temperature


NanoOptic® Technology


THE EDGE® NanoOptic is a direct contact refractor sealed to the LED dome.  When used in combination with premium optical materials and our advanced optical design techniques, THE EDGE delivers up to 96% optical efficiency. 

This highly efficient patent pending refractor provides superior light distribution and significant energy savings by minimizing wasted light outside of the target area.


Modular Light Bar


Designed to grow with LED technology, you select the right number of modular light bars to achieve the desired output. Individual light bars consist of an array of LEDs, IP-66 rated housing, and NanoOptic refractors. Each LED is robotically set onto the circuit board and NanoOptic sealed in place. The required light distribution is built into each bar.




Our universal power driver designed for THE EDGE is built to exacting standards. Providing up to 95% efficiency compared to 75% in current HID ballasts the driver features:

  • Universal power and voltage 120-277 V and 347-480 V
  • -40°C to + 80°C operating range

The drivers are also located in a separate wet-listed compartment within the housing to ensure proper heat management in a weather-tight environment.




Proper thermal management is key to longevity. Each light bar is mounted to heat sinks ensuring LEDs are operating at an ideal temperature and for easy scalability in design. The heats sinks are very effective at moving heat away from the LEDs and the circuit board quickly. THE EDGE heat sinks are made from 100% recyclable aluminum.




THE EDGE styling blends low profile day-form appearance with outstanding thermal management. The unique open, mesh top maximizes the slightest air movement to draw heat away.  The flow-through design is used as a self-cleaning system for the entire unit.