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LED Area & Parking Lights

THE EDGE area luminaires offer excellent uniformity to increase visibility and safety for pedestrians and motorists on walkways, roadways and in parking applications.


LED Streetlights

Engineered for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, LEDway is a versatile, high-performance solution designed specifically for street and roadway applications. Easily installed onto existing mounting systems, it's simple and affordable to invest in state-of-the-art technology.


LED Security Lights

THE EDGE security luminaires provide clean uniform light for excellent visibility and enhanced security at entry doorways and around building perimeters.


LED Parking Structure Lights

THE EDGE parking structure fixtures are designed to provide improved color rendition and uniformity for parking garages, underpasses and similar applications.



LED Flood Lights

THE EDGE flood luminaires provide specific distributions of targeted light to enhance horizontal and vertical architectural features and increase visibility of signs.


LED Canopy Lights

BetaLED excels in versatile canopy lighting with a variety of products and mounting styles. From interior high bay to exterior recessed, THE EDGE canopy lighting is the ideal source for energy efficiency and exceptional performance.


LED Interior Industrial Lights

Interior luminaires provide the impressive energy savings and lighting performance you've come to expect from BetaLED in high bay applications.


LED Soffit Lights

BetaLED soffit luminaires increase visibility and safety under building overhangs and around perimeters providing an inviting atmosphere for retail stores, restaurants and banks.


LED Pathway Lights

THE EDGE pathway luminaires are ideal for low height applications such as building entries and walkways. A variety of height options provide design flexibility that blends with any architectural style.

    NOTE: Product availability may vary by country