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New 10-Year LED Lighting Warranty Covers Industry’s Broadest Range of Products

To learn more about the products covered under our limited warranties and our Sales Terms & Conditions, please click one of the links below:


New! 10-Year Limited Warranty

·         Cree LED Lighting Fixture (BetaLED & TrueWhite & Essentia) Limited 10 Year Warranty


Please note the exclusions that apply, as stated in the warranty: “This limited warranty only applies to specified LED fixtures. Any warranties applicable to finish, poles, lamps, CR Series downlights, LR24™ troffers, certain BetaLED® Technology outdoor fixtures (specifically Class II as defined per IEC/EN60598), backup batteries, controls, occupancy sensors, photocells and other fixture accessories can be found at”


Additional Limited Warranties

·         Cree CR Series & LR24 & Class II BetaLED Lighting Fixtures Limited 5 Year Warranty

·         Cree Lighting LED Lamp-Bulb (TrueWhite) Limited 3 Year Warranty

·        Cree LED Lighting Fixture Accessory (BetaLED & TrueWhite) Limited 1 Year Warranty

·         Cree Lighting DeltaGuard Finish Limited 10 Year (1 Year) Warranty

·         Cree Poles Limited (Round-Square or Tapered) 7 or1 Year Warranty

·         Cree NON-LED Lighting Fixtures  Accessories Limited 3 Year Warranty


Sales Terms & Conditions

·        Cree Lighting Sales Terms and Conditions