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Neuroscience Center - Neenah, Wisconsin


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The Neuroscience Group of NE Wisconsin


Area Lighting


THE EDGE® area luminaires


  • With a life rating of more than 100,000 hours, THE EDGE fixtures offer incredible maintainability by saving relamping, labor, and other costs.
  • The environmentally friendly BetaLED® fixtures contain no mercury or leadÉperfect for facilities that are working towards Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification.
  • Energy efficiency delivered by THE EDGE coupled with solar roof panels, earn tax breaks from the Federal government and cash back incentives from utility companies.

Performance. Uniformity. Maintainability. Efficiency.

The newly constructed Neuroscience Center, a 38,920 square-foot facility located in Neenah, Wisconsin, opened in January 2008. Early in the design process, architects and engineers focused on building a sustainable facility that reduces energy consumption and environmental impact.

Through innovative techniques ranging from dual flush toilets to light controls with occupancy sensors, the physician-owned-and-operated facility features superior indoor and outdoor environments that improve employee productivity and morale as well as offer a healthy setting for patients.

Engineers selected THE EDGE area luminaries for the employee and patient parking areas for yet another environmentally friendly option. Designed using the requirements of the WE Energies New Construction Program, the building also features solar panels on the roof that combined with the energy efficiency of THE EDGE, provide even greater savings.

"THE EDGE was a natural choice to continue the building's sustainability on the outside," said Tim Larsen, partner, PE, LC, LEED AP, Geiger Engineering. "Sustainability was our focus but the main reasons we selected THE EDGE was for its excellent performance, uniformity, maintainability, and efficiency." THE EDGE fixtures also met the environmental requirements of the center since fixtures do not contain mercury or lead and are made with recyclable materials.

"It's a "win-win" not only from a cost savings perspective but also for the environment," said Chuck Geiger, president, Geiger Engineering.

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