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Murphy USA–Plano, TX


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Murphy, USA – Plano, TX


LED canopy and security lighting for gas station and convenience store


33 THE EDGE canopy fixtures featuring petroleum symmetric optics; and one THE EDGE security fixture with T3 optics. All products feature BetaLED’s exclusive Colorfast DeltaGuard® finish in white.


  • Brighter light with less energy to create a more inviting experience for customers
  • Save 31 percent on energy costs compared to traditional HID fixtures
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Eliminate disposal of mercury found in conventional lighting sources
  • Virtually no maintenance

Project Briefs

Circle K – Columbus, IN


Howdy's Texaco-El Paso, TX


Rebel Oil-Las Vegas, NV


Black Diamond Vista Chevron-Concord, CA


Thorntons-Edgewood, KY


Better Day BP-Racine, WI


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