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City of Anchorage, Alaska



  • 16,000 LEDway streetlights (silver) with 60 LED and Type III optics with backlight shield. Some areas of the City will retrofit to LEDway streetlights festuring 30 LEDs


  • By retrofitting to LEDway streetlights, the City of Anchorage will reduce energy costs by 50 percent saving
    citizens approximately $360,000 per year.
  • LEDway fixtures have a life rating of more than seven times that of traditional high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps
    significantly reducing costs and allowing the City to better utilize maintenance resources.
  • Visibility for vehicular and pedestrian traffic is dramatically improved through the use of patented NanoOptic™ product technology that layer light into the desired target zone for superior uniformity and control.
  • Using backlight shields with LEDway streetlights preserve the uniqueness of Alaska’s night sky and complies with Dark Sky and IESNA standards.

Anchorage Leads the Way with LED

Initiative to improve light quality and reduce cost

The Alaskan mountains are covered in white but the streets of Anchorage are turning green from the City of Anchorage’s energy-saving initiative. The first city to embrace LED technology on a large scale, Anchorage will replace 16,000 streetlights - roughly one-quarter of their 150-watt HPS streetlights - with LEDway luminaires. The installation will roll out in several phases throughout the winter and spring.

LEDway luminaires consume 50 percent less energy than the traditional HPS lamps, saving the City and its citizens  approximately $360,000 per year. In addition, with more than 100,000 hours of delivered lumens, no relamping, replacement or labor costs, the City will gain even more savings through significantly reduced maintenance costs.

“We have studied new lighting technology extensively over the past several months to validate energy and maintenance cost savings,” said Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich. “We also conducted a public survey that showed our residents overwhelmingly approve of the new white LED lighting.”

The proprietary technology within LEDway streetlights creates safer conditions for motorists and pedestrians by producing a whiter light with better uniformity.

In November 2008, the first phase of the project consists of replacing 4,200 streetlights starting with the intersection of Aero and Northern Lights Boulevard.

“This initiative will not only result in lower energy bills, but will contribute to the preservation of our unique Alaskan ecologies,” said Mayor Begich.

By accepting LED technology and its benefits, the City of Anchorage is setting new standards for other municipalities to follow helping to reduce the impact we’re making on our environment.