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The BetaLED product development team provides outstanding LED education to the industry. Our team of experts develop and continually update resources that provide explanations and guidance for specifying LED applications. Use our online library as a resource for technical documents that can assist you in planning your next BetaLED lighting installation. For additional information, contact your local representative or BetaLED customer service at (800) 236-6800.

Access the information you need for your next LED lighting project:

Exterior Lumen Maintenance Factors (TD-13) >>

Photocell Sensor Specifications >>

Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council (ETCC): February 2009

View Full Report-Bi-Level LED Parking Lot Lighting >>

Exterior Lumen Maintenance Factors (TD-13)

Exterior Lumen Maintenance Factors (TD-13) are calculations derived from our LED chip manufacturer’s lumen maintenance data and long-term lumen maintenance projection. Refer to our map and zone charts to select the appropriate lumen depreciation factor based on your anticipated application life, average ambient nighttime temperature, product family and selected drive current.

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