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Exterior IES Configurator Tool


BetaLED offers the versatility of more than 20 different optical selections, multiple drive currents and scalable LED modules providing flexibility to fine-tune lighting performance for unique applications. To provide accurate photometric testing data on our wide range of optic and LED combinations, we have developed an online IES file configurator using information derived from ITL, an independent testing laboratory, ensuring all tests are conducted to IESNA LM-79-08 standards.

The  IES file configurator is a photometric file builder designed to assist you in finding or creating an IES file for the specific product you want to incorporate into your lighting layout. BetaLED conducts extensive photometric product testing including:

  • Typical optics for each product type
  • Thermal characteristic tests for multiple LED counts in each product type
  • CCT, CRI, electrical characteristics and lumen scaling for each color and LED package
  • Dimming product characterization

Building on our vast experience of hundreds of LM-79-08 photometric tests, the BetaLED IES File Configurator will provide the exact photometric file needed for your layout or specification. This tool will benefit anyone who uses software to create lighting layouts or specify product performance.


IES Files

All published luminaire photometric testing performed to IESNA-79-08 standards.