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IES BUG Ratings


Evaluating Performance

The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) new Backlight, Uplight, Glare or BUG standard of measurement provides improved performance descriptions and measurement for LED luminaires. This TM-15 Luminaire Classification System (LCS) for Outdoor Luminaires classifies luminaire photometric performance related to light trespass, sky glow, and high angle brightness control.

All BetaLED products are International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) approved and are measured for performance using IESNA standards and guidelines including the IES BUG rating system which supercedes the former cut-off classification system.

View Addendum A to TM-15-07: Backlight, Uplight, and Glare (BUG) Ratings.

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For more information, purchase TM-15-07: Luminaire Classification System for Outdoor Luminaires from the IESNA.


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