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304 Series™ Canopy Technical Documents & Specifications


304 Series recessed canopy luminaires can be configured to achieve 100+ lumen-per-watt performance providing superior efficiency, longevity, lumen maintenance and light control while reducing energy use. Use of optional integrated multi-level sensor provides timed reduction of light levels. 304 Series luminaires are ideal for installation in single- or double-deck open-air canopies.

  • Centrally located driver provides ease of installation and through-wiring (daisy chaining luminaires).
  • Convenient electrical inspection access from below the luminaire (desirable in recessed installations).
  • Die-cast, Extruded-Aluminum Housing Assembly
  • UL Wet Listed
  • International Dark Sky Association Compliance
  • IES BUG ratings available
  • Photometric testing to IESNA-79-08 standards

IES Files

All published luminaire photometric testing performed to IESNA-79-08 standards.


  Optics Spec Sheets by Mountings IES Files      

Type V Medium

1    2    



Type V Short

1    2



Petroleum Symmetric

1    2





Mounting Options


Single Skin


Double Skin