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Investing in energy-efficient BetaLED luminaires is key in making operations more sustainable and cost effective for large and small airports around the world.


Corporate Campuses

For corporations planning newly constructed or renovated campuses, BetaLED is the lighting product of choice for up to 80% energy savings and contributions toward LEED credits from the U.S. Green Building Council.



With healthcare ranking as the second largest energy consumer in the U.S., the industry is turning toward energy-saving sources like BetaLED's efficient luminaires to meet Department Of Energy initiatives.


Interior High Bay

BetaLED's interior high bay lighting is the ideal source for energy efficient illumination in large spaces and provides improved lasting performance in cold storage facilities.


Parking Structure

Parking structure owners are switching from traditional light sources to BetaLED for high efficiency and improved light quality. Tremendous energy savings can be gained in this 24/7 lighting application.



BetaLED pedestrian lighting enhances architectural design while providing energy savings and safely illuminated walkways.


Petroleum & Convenience Store

Petroleum stations are attracting customers with energy-saving BetaLED lighting that creates a safe environment with dramatically better visibility.


Restaurants & Hospitality

BetaLED luminaires are the ideal solution for multiple location franchise installations. They offer the versatility of optical selections and upgradeable modular LED light bars to meet different lighting ordinances.


Retail & Grocery

A customer's shopping experience begins and ends in the parking lot. BetaLED lighting installations create an inviting atmosphere by increasing visibility for pedestrians and motorists.


Schools & Universities

School construction and renovation is a sector with potential for tremendous energy savings by implementing environmental solutions. Schools and universities looking for sustainable lighting alternatives are selecting BetaLED.



BetaLED and Carmanah EverGEN solar LED lighting systems are the ideal combination for easy-to-install, electricity-independent solutions that can seamlessly transition lighting.


Entire Site Lighting

A complete site lighting solution is one that incorporates a combination of products. BetaLED's product family works together to achieve optimal illumination, significant energy savings and virtually no luminaire maintenance in every lighting category.


Street & Roadway

Cities around the world are installing versatile, high-performance roadway and streetlighting solutions from BetaLED. It's simple and affordable to invest in energy-efficient technology. Visit for more information.