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Cub Foods–St. Paul, Minnesota


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Cub Foods (brand of SuperValu), St. Paul, Minnesota


Area and security lighting for supermarket parking lot


  • 56 THE EDGE Area luminaires, eight LED light bar, Type V optics
  • 18 THE EDGE Security wall pack luminaires, five light bar, Type III optics
  • 10 THE EDGE Area luminaires, 12 light bar, Type II optics w/backlight shield
  • 7 THE EDGE Area luminaries, eight light bar, Type II optics w/backlight shield
  • All Type II and Type V Area luminaires are mounted to 4”x 27’ square poles with roughly 3’ of concrete base exposed above grade to protect the poles and to position the fixtures nearly 30’ above finished grade (AFG). The Type III Security wall pack luminaires are mounted directly to the building at approximately 18’ AFG.


  • THE EDGE fixtures provide IESNA Full Cutoff controlled light that complies with Dark Sky and City regulations on light trespass.
  • Light levels significantly improve visibility and security for customers.
  • BetaLED fixtures contributed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold NC2.2 Certification by earning credits for significant energy savings under the category of Optimization of Energy Performance.
  • The lighting layout provides the following illuminance statistics for the entire parking area including an adjacent mini strip outlot (minus the loading docks): 5.46 avg. FC, 8.5 max., .9 min.
  • The uniformity ratios for the same area are quite impressive as well at 6.07:1 avg:min and 9.44:1 max:min. All of this is done with a total site lighting power density (LPD) of .085 watts/sq. ft. LEED 2.2 allows no more than 80% of the ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1-2004 outdoor parking lot and drives standard of .15 watts/sq. ft. LPD. This site comes in at 57% of the ASHRAE allowance, well below the LEED requirement.

BetaLED and SuperValu’s Cub Foods Achieve Gold
First supermarket to be LEED certified

Following a rigorous evaluation process, the CUB FOODS Phalen store in St. Paul, Minn., recently received LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – Gold NC2.2 Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The state-of-the art store, which opened in October 2008, is the first grocery store in Minnesota and one of three grocery stores in the nation to achieve this prestigious ranking. By installing THE EDGE luminaires in the parking lot, SuperValu’s Cub Foods not only earned LEED credits under the category of Optimization of Energy Performance but became the first commercial parking lot in Minnesota to be illuminated using LED lights.

“CUB FOODS has a vested interest in supporting the communities where we do business, and contributing to the redevelopment of St. Paul’s East Side was a natural fit for us,” said Brian Huff, president of CUB FOODS. “Choosing to build a LEED Gold Certified building was another example of CUB’s dedication to preserving the environment for future generations.”

In addition to energy savings, BetaLED fixtures also meet the City’s strict regulations on light pollution. “While achieving the City’s light trespass requirements, BetaLED provides desired light levels which help improve visibility and security for our customers,” said Scott Reinke, senior project manager for SuperValu Real Estate and Store Development.

The store also features 44 skylights that illuminate 75 percent of regularly occupied spaces using a solar-powered GPS system that tracks and redirects sunlight as needed; and a landscape irrigation system that uses 50 percent less water than typical systems.

As part of their corporate green stewardship, 75 percent of the building construction waste will be recycled and turned into other useful materials.

The Cub Foods LEED Certified store is a significant milestone that sets the standard for all new construction projects and lessens the impact on our environment.

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