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Brooklyn Bridge–Brooklyn, New York


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Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (DUMBO)

Improvement District: Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Walkway


Lighting for pedestrian walkway


Approximately 50 THE EDGE™ canopy luminaires


  • Better lighting dramatically improves safety and visibility for pedestrians – a primary goal of the project.
  • Provide significant energy savings and efficiency: the BetaLED canopy fixtures used for the project consume 79 watts to 128 watts in comparison to the 188 watts consumed by HPS lamps – that’s 31 to 58 percent in energy savings.
  • BetaLED luminaires provide greater coverage with fewer fixtures and enhance the beauty of surrounding architecture.

Safe. Efficient. Functional.

For quite some time, the pedestrian entrance to the Brooklyn end of the Brooklyn Bridge was very unwelcoming with its low lighting and lack of directional signage. Pedestrians who did use the walkway quickly made their way through without taking notice of beautiful architectural features or quaint shops Brooklyn has to offer.

In May 2008, as a part of the Bridge’s 125th birthday celebration, a completely redesigned pedestrian walkway called “This Way” was unveiled. Permanently installed light art designed by Tillet Lighting Design, enhances notable architecture and reinforces the borough’s identity while increasing safety, efficiency and functionality for visitors.

Tillet Lighting Design selected BetaLED THE EDGE fixtures for the project. The project included 50 BetaLED THE EDGE canopy luminaires throughout the walkway providing brighter, more uniform light to the area and a significant improvement in safety and visibility for pedestrians. Blue acrylic lenses were fitted to several of THE EDGE canopy fixtures for greater visibility so light can be seen throughout the borough and used as a directional guide for visitors.

“With these beautiful new signs and lights, visitors will have an easier time locating the Bridge’s pedestrian walkway and breathtaking views, as well as the wonders of DUMBO, the epicenter of ‘hip’ in Brooklyn,” said Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. Energy-efficient THE EDGE canopy fixtures provide 31 to 58 percent savings in energy consumption compared to traditional HPS sources. In addition, with 10 times the life of other lamps, maintenance and relamping costs are significantly reduced. What’s old is new again...the latest in LED lighting technology gives new life to a historic landmark. Happy birthday Brooklyn Bridge!

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