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Horace Mann School – Bronx, NY


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Horace Mann School – Bronx, NY


Gymnasium Lighting Upgrade

CREE® Products with BetaLED® Technology

60 - 304 Series™ Luminaires

  • Type III Medium optics
  • 4300K Correlated Color Temperature  
  • Hook and cord mount

(Lighting upgrade in three gymnasiums)



  • Dramatically improved visibility
  • Annual energy savings estimated at greater than 70 percent with utilization of occupancy sensors


Project Participants

CREE® Rep Agency:  SDA (Stan Deutsch Associates), Long Island City, NY
Distributor:  Champion Wholesale Electric, Mount Vernon, NY

CREE® Rep Agency:  SDA (Stan Deutsch Associates), Long Island City, NY
Distributor:  Champion Wholesale Electric, Mount Vernon, NY

Lighting Upgrade Delivers Top-of-Class Results

There are currently more than 2,000 LEED registered or certified K-12 schools throughout the United States -- an impressive number.  Great strides have been made in green building, and government initiatives such as the Department of Education’s Green Ribbon Schools program which are elevating the issue for K-12 schools.  However, there are more than 133,000 schools across the country, and with spending at a staggering $6 billion annually on energy, this leaves much work to be done.

Prestigious Horace Mann School Reduces Energy Costs and Consumption
Horace Mann School (HM) is an independent college preparatory school in New York City founded in 1887. HM is a member of the Ivy Preparatory School League, educating students from all across the New York tri-state area from nursery school to the twelfth grade. The upper, middle and lower divisions are located in Riverdale, a neighborhood in the Bronx, while the nursery school is located in Manhattan and the John Dorr Nature Laboratory, a 275-acre campus in Washington Depot, Connecticut, is the school’s outdoor and community education center.

The school has a made a significant and on-going commitment to environmental sustainability.  These efforts are led by John Yeager, director of facilities management and security at HM and a member of the school’s Sustainability Task Force.  “We are constantly looking at possibilities to reduce waste, save energy and recycle,” said Yeager.  “There isn’t an aspect of life at HM we are not examining.”

To reduce energy consumption, HM recently upgraded one-for-one 250W metal halide (MH) fixtures with CREE® 304 Series™ luminaires in three gymnasiums. Since use of the gymnasiums varies during the school day, evening, and weekend hours, optional multi-level dimming occupancy sensors were added to provide further opportunities for decreased energy consumption. The previously-installed MH lamps had a recommended relamping service interval of 6,000 hours where the lamps would lose 25 percent of their initial lumens.  This resulted in frequent lamp changes and color inconsistencies. The newly installed, CREE® LED luminaires provide near-maintenance free, reliable performance which results in dramatically reduced savings in maintenance costs and greater color consistency.

“We monitor electricity use regularly at HM so we can examine ways to reduce usage to save energy and cut costs,” said Yeager.  “Installing these energy efficient CREE® LED luminaires not only lessens the schools’ energy consumption and costs, but virtually eliminates maintenance expenses.”

The school expects to realize an astounding 70 percent decrease in annual energy consumption and save approximately $9,500.00 in annual energy costs from the combined efficiency of the CREE® 304 Series™ luminaires and use of the occupancy dimming option.  

To help offset the LED luminaire investment, HM worked with the local utility company, Con-Edison, which offers incentives and rebates to commercial customers for installing high-efficiency electric equipment. The school is receiving a rebate of approximately $7,000.

Opportunity for Schools to Join the LED Revolution
The DOE reports that state and local agencies are planning to invest more than 60 billion dollars in the next three years to build or renovate schools. Now is the time for school districts, government and community leaders, and parents to recognize that sustainable products, such as CREE® LED luminaires, are a catalyst to significant improvements in energy efficiency in the nation’s K-12 schools.

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