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City of Los Angeles, California



  • Silver LEDway streetlight with 40 LED, Type II medium optics, 525mA, UL Listed, NEMA photocell receptacle. Color Temperature: 4300K
  • Silver LEDway streetlight with 60 LED, Type II medium optics, 525mA, UL Listed, NEMA photocell receptacle. Color Temperature: 4300K


  • LEDway streetlights reduce the City’s energy use by approximately 40% and lowers carbon emissions by an estimated 40,500 tons per year (or the equivalent of taking 6,700 cars off the road).
  • The City is expected to save approximately $10 million annually from a combination of reduced energy use and lower maintenance costs.
  • Patented NanoOptic™ product technology helps reduce light pollution by directing light into desired target areas without spilling onto neighboring properties or into the night sky.
  • BetaLED products provide dramatically improved uniformity eliminating dark spots between fixtures creating a safer environment for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • A portion of LEDway streetlights are outfitted with ROAM® streetlight monitoring system devices that further reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions and increases customer satisfaction by improving service levels.

Nation’s Largest Streetlight Conversion Project is Underway in Los Angeles

Retrofitting to LED will save an estimated $10M in energy and maintenance costs annually

The City of Los Angeles owns the second-largest street lighting system in the Nation behind New York City. An
estimated total of 209,000 streetlights or 5,000 miles of lighted streets, consume approximately 29% of the City’s total
operating budget.

The Green Streetlight Program includes replacing existing cobraheads with LEDway streetlights in local and residential
neighborhoods and is a collaborative effort between the Los Angeles Mayor’s office, the Los Angeles Department of Water
& Power, the Clinton Climate Initiative and the City.

The program, funded by a combination of energy rebates, the Street Lighting Assessment Fund and loans, will be repaid
throughout a seven-year period using savings from the retrofit. By the eighth year, the City will see an annual savings of $10 million.

“This project showcases how government can address environmental and economic challenges with creative problem-solving,” said Ed Ebrahimian, General Manager of the Bureau of Street Lighting.

In 2009, the City installed 8,000 LEDway streetlights and is expected to replace a total of 30,000 streetlights each year for the next four years. A portion of the streetlights feature the Roam® streetlight monitoring system to collect and report data such as energy usage and equipment performance for each fixture. The system also has the capability to increase customer satisfaction by reducing equipment down time due to malfunction.

““The City of Los Angeles is leading by example and making a significant impact to fight the effects of climate change,” said Ebrahimian. “After an expansive test of LED luminaries from various manufacturers, BetaLED products met or exceeded the expected performance, cost savings, and sustainability goals of this project.”