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About BetaLED:  Affiliations, Memberships & History

Ruud Lighting Inc. -- A Cree Company, dedicates resources to the emerging use of LED technology for general illumination with its industry-leading BetaLED product line. High-quality, specification-grade BetaLED luminaires provide tremendous advantages over traditional light sources for interior and exterior applications. BetaLED luminaires deliver efficiency, performance, longevity and style.

We are a respected industry leader with notable accomplishments that include:

  • More than 4,000 installations in over 1,000 cities worldwide.
  • The most credible performance data, proven through independent laboratory testing.
  • Extensive participation in US Department of Energy testing and evaluation programs.




Our research and efforts advancing LED luminaire technology is referenced by many third-party organizations. We often work together to develop new technologies that enhance the benefits of LED lighting.




We are engaged with organizations to learn and share information about the rapidly advancing solid state lighting industry.

A few of our more notable memberships include:




BetaLED has accomplished a lot in a young life. Formed in 2007, BetaLED’s expanding line of products has roots in parent company, Ruud Lighting Inc. – an industry-leading manufacturer for over 25 years.

Find key milestones in our growth on the Ruud Lighting historical timeline.

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