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STURTEVANT, WIS. (March 19, 2007) – Beta LED is proud to unveil The Edge™, a line of high-quality light-emitting diode (LED) luminaries for general illumination.

THE EDGE by BetaLED offers a range of luminaries for a variety of lighting applications. THE EDGE line currently includes an area luminaire, canopy luminaire, parking structure luminaire, bollard and wall pack. Sample products will be available in June 2007 with production quantities available in the third quarter of 2007.

“LED technology advancement makes this an exciting time to be in the lighting industry,” said BetaLED President Al Ruud. “BetaLED is poised to be a leader and innovator in the LED general illumination market. We’re confident that our approach will provide customers with the most reliable source of LED general lighting.”

General Illumination LEDs Require New Thinking
One of the greatest hurdles the lighting industry faced in using LEDs for general illumination is maximizing the lumens per watt produced. Traditionally, LED lighting products have been used only for specialty and aesthetic applications, because they didn’t produce the output required for general lighting. BetaLED overcame this challenge by eliminating all preconceived approaches to traditional lighting fixture design. Beta LED designed The Edge from the ground up, including housing design, shape, size and optic. This innovative approach leveraged the qualities and maximized the efficiency of high-performance, superbright white LEDs.

THE EDGE currently incorporates LEDs with a color temperature of 6500K and outputs of 70 lumens per watt. These two factors make The Edge a viable option to replace high-intensity discharge (HID) sources. BetaLED achieved these results by concentrating on two key production areas that maximize LED efficiency and longevity—the LED optical system and thermal management of the fixture.

The NanoOptic™ System – Optimizing LED Output
BetaLED realized that a quality optical system was the key to controlled and efficient output of white LEDs. THE EDGE provides superior efficiency by using direct-contact refractor optics, called the NanoOptic™ system, instead of the less-efficient reflectors common in most traditional luminaries. This unique optical design results in a fixture efficiency of 85 percent plus—beyond the typical 70-75 percent efficiency of an HID fixture; thus delivering more average lumens over the life of a fixture. The NanoOptic system for THE EDGE is currently available in Type III and Type V distributions, with other distributions currently in development.

Thermal Management – Keeping Cool Improves Efficiency
LEDs achieve their most efficient output and maximum life when the junction temperature, the point where an individual diode connects to its base, is kept as low as possible. The Edge is designed with a modular thermal management system to keep the junction at an optimal temperature.

The open-housing design and mesh top of The Edge allow air to circulate freely through the fixture to provide additional thermal management, unlike traditional fixtures that are completely sealed. The innovative open architecture design maintains the  integrity of the drivers and LEDs, recognizing that the most common failure of an LED is caused by moisture. To prevent moisture from becoming a problem,
the LEDs in The Edge are potted to protect them from moisture intrusion and drivers are completely sealed in an IP-66 housing to protect them from the elements.

Scalability – Designed with the Future in Mind
BetaLED designed The Edge with the future in mind. Its unique modular design provides a platform that
can be easily adapted as LED technology evolves. LEDs for THE EDGE are mounted to Light Bars (modules), consisting of 20 LEDs each. The number of Light Bars can be specified according to the amount of light needed for specific applications. As LED technology advances with increased lumens per watt output, THE EDGE will simply require fewer LED Light Bars to achieve specified light levels while using the same housing.

Industry-Leading Warranty Encourages Customer Confidence
To demonstrate its confidence in The Edge, Beta LED is backing the product line with an industry-leading 5-5-10 warranty: a five-year warranty on the driver, a five-year warranty on the LEDs and a 10-year warranty on the finish.

LEDs contain no heavy metals, like mercury, making it environmentally friendly. The Edge meets IESNA full cut-off  classifications. Its efficiency and longevity will offer customers both energy savings and maintenance savings.

BetaLED, a brand of Beta Lighting, was established to dedicate resources to the emerging use of LED for general illumination. Beta Lighting provides the lighting market with high-quality, specification-grade luminaries for both interior and exterior lighting applications. Headquartered in Sturtevant, Wis., Beta Lighting operates a 450,000 square-foot manufacturing facility and is ISO90001:2000 registered.