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THE EDGE™ from BetaLED™ Shows-off Its Brand New Curves



Marty Organ
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Sturtevant, Wis. (May 24, 2008) – BetaLED offers a new design option within THE EDGE family of products -- the round Light Emitting Diode (LED) direct and post-top spider-mount fixtures. The sleek architectural form delivers unparalled performance in
efficiency, uniformity and longevity.

“The new round shape builds on THE EDGE family and addresses the need for more LED solutions,” said Beta Lighting president Al Ruud. “This line expansion offers more choices for added design flexibility.”

THE EDGE round incorporates 40 to 120 high-brightness LEDs with the patented NanoOptic™ system for superior light output and control. The NanoOptic results in optical efficiency of up to 95 percent compared to the typical 70 to 75 percent of an HID

The luminaire provides a sleek four-inch profile and is 23 inches in diameter. The post-top is mounted on four extruded aluminum arms from a center hub atop a standard pole. The trim housing is designed to direct mount onto four-inch square and/or five-inch round poles by a patent-pending single bolt in the center of the hub. After mounting, no hardware is visible.

In addition to outstanding performance, THE EDGE round is also designed for reduced energy consumption as it requires no maintenance and features lumen maintenance of greater than 70 percent for 100,000 hours making it the natural choice to
replace up to 250-watt metal halide (MH) or high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. Available optics include Type II, III, IV and V in 20 LED increments for an initial delivered lumen value of 3,400 to 10,200 lumens.

BetaLED introduced THE EDGE family of products to the lighting industry in 2007. THE EDGE system provides efficiency, performance and longevity to LED technology.

The high-performance LEDs within THE EDGE fixtures have a color temperature of 6000K (4300K and 3500K also available).

The key to longevity is proper thermal management. The fixture’s modular design has individual heat sinks mounted to each light bar, leading to scalability in design and the assurance the LEDs are operating at optimal temperature. In addition, THE EDGE fixtures are recyclable and contain no mercury, avoiding potential environmental pollution hazards.


About BetaLED
BetaLED, a brand of Beta Lighting, was established to dedicate resources to the emerging use of LED technology for general illumination. Beta Lighting, a Ruud Lighting company, provides the lighting market with high-quality, specification-grade
luminaires for exterior lighting applications.For additional exterior LED luminaire information, visit